CD T&G Flooring Plywood

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Using a plastic tongue and groove method for joining the sheets, structural plywood flooring is ideally suited for both commercial and domestic projects. For a domestic floor, 17mm F11 structural plywood will span joists of 450mm spacing.

Plywood flooring is cost effective and offers high strength and stiffness ratios whilst being easy to work with in most situations.


  • Transportable Buildings
  • Mezzanine or suspended floors
  • Domestic Housing


Face/Back Grades: C Face (sanded & puttied) D Back (un-sanded & un-puttied)

Glue Bond: Type A Phenol Formaldehyde

Density: 600kg/m3

Core Gaps: Yes

Sheet Size:

  • 2400 x 1200
  • 2700 x 1200