Non Structural Plywood

Non Structural Plywood 2017-07-26T03:04:12+00:00

As the name suggests, Non Structural Plywood is similar in nature to the structural grade except it has not been tested to meet the higher requirements of structural. It is important that Non Structural ply not be used in any load bearing applications. However depending on the project this grade may have costs benefits over the structural grade especially if the face appearance is not a major factor.


  • Pallets and crates
  • Building site hoardings
  • Solid timber flooring underlay
  • Temporary protection over new solid timber floors
  • Shop-fitting
  • Projects that are not load bearing

Face/Back Grades:




Glue Bond: Type A Phenol Formaldehyde

Density: 600kg/m3

Core Gaps: Yes

Sheet Size:

2400 x 1200